• Cottages of brick and aerated concrete

    The advantages of building stone houses: Brick domaOsnovnym activity of the company “Cpetsstroykomplekt” is a brick building now kottedzhey.Na construction of brick houses quite expensive, which is explained and fully compensated by the numerous advantages of brick houses compared to houses of other construction materialov. Kirpich – is artificially made building material. A variety of brick wide, depending on its use and purpose. In the construction and erection of large buildings, used primarily by sandstone facing more kirpich. Rassmotrim advantages of building brick houses: 1) The brick cottages have a high degree of protection from vozgoraniya. Postroyki bricks are highly resistant to atmospheric influences of any kind – from rain and snow to hurricane winds. Red kirpich2) Brick is not affected by the appearance of fungus, mold and microorganisms. Brick walls will provide your home safe and sound-insulation. Brick houses are among the most durable buildings. According to official guests, a brick house can withstand 100-150 years without rekonstruktsiy.3) Brick Cottage “breathe”, so are most favorable for human mikroklimat.4) Construction of brick houses a variety of different configurations, as determined by the small size of bricks. In addition, the construction of brick can be used in reinforced concrete slabs perekrytiy. Doma penobetonaPenobeton is a highly effective building material, which has several advantages over traditional building materialami. Kottedzhi and homes constructed with the use of foam have increased comfort and performance characteristics, namely: 1) The walls of houses and buildings made of foam concrete “breathe” and do not sweat, the construction of cottages and houses of the foam walls preserved warmth in winter, in summer – a cool 2) Foam is economical, environmentally friendly and water resistance, and 3) Foam can perfectly soundproof room, and 4) Country House and cottages of the foam can save energy for heating and 5) Foam – the perfect surface for any type of finish, 6) Foam is also characterized by good nailability распиливаемостью. Строительство walls and houses of the foam is also advantageous that the foam can be used as a structural or and insulation material.K Unfortunately, some people have survived prejudice of low structural strength foam. In the 80s actually used outdated technology that was not allowed to produce foam with high strength characteristics. It is now possible construction of houses and cottages of the foam is several floors. Houses of the foam are characterized by high thermal insulation. The wall is 30 cm foam for thermal insulation qualities are equal to 75-90 cm and 150-180 cm keramsit brick! An alternative construction of the foam may be the construction of the fortress with meter brick walls. If the heat is not lost through the walls of the house, even the use of electric heating systems will not affect your byudzhete. Pohozhie Materials: Architectural and building homes and проектированиеКомбинированные kottedzhiMonolitnye homes and cottages



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